discovered a hilarious blog. check out jim treacher and read about how michael moron changed his mind about the war.

and for more hilarity, i give you the lemon, which is a conservative version of the onion. here’s a sample…

WASHINGTON, DC — President Bush broke down and revealed his plans for a post-war Iraq during a press conference yesterday. Said Bush, “You guys are right. You got me. I don’t know how you figured it out, but I can see we can’t hide our true plans any longer. We plan to go in there and take all the oil and enslave the Iraqi people. I don’t know why we even tried to hide it in the first place, you guys are just too smart for me.”

Under the newly-revealed White House plan, all of the Iraqi oil will go to Bush personally, who will then re-sell it to the American public after a “modest markup”. Also, all mosques will be bulldozed and replaced with Wall-Mart and McDonald’s franchises, in an attempt to “civilize” the country. Bush also added that, “[the Iraqi people] are gonna have to learn some English so they can talk right instead of using that jibber-jabber language they got over there.”

damn. i hate it when michael moron is right. can i just say, “my bad”?

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