the professionalism of CENTCOM, the language used in briefings, the media coverage (al jazeera v any western station), the use of embedded reporters, the treatment of POWs…..there are so many examples to show the contrast between the good guys and the bad guys in this war. here’s another:

…but we still see that terror behavior. A couple of days ago — actually, a day ago, we had a report of an Iraqi woman waving a white flag to get out of an area that was hazardous. Our troops allowed her to continue. They continued on a patrol. Came back some time later in the morning and found her hanged at the light post on a street corner. So, that kind of terror continues. And we should not forget that that’s the approach of this regime. That’s not the approach of this coalition.

this is merely more of the same from an evil regime. they’ve used civilians as human shields and masqueraded as surrendering civilians, so i guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that they’ve now resorted to suicide bombing. make note of these items and wake up from your hypocritical slumber, protestors of the world!

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