could there be horrific videotaped evidence of the savagery the animals in the iraqi regime have committed on our soldiers (POWs)? NRO journalist jed babbin says,

I have confirmed that the Al-Jazeera tape, all twelve minutes of it, is merely an excerpt of the hour-long version being shown regularly in Egypt and elsewhere. The short version shows the interrogation of some U.S. soldiers and the defamed dead bodies of others. The longer version includes all that, plus the murders and later abuse and mutilation of the bodies. Apparently, the whole thing is out there on the internet…

i seem to doubt most of what the media says nowadays, but if this is true, why doesn’t al jazeera show it to all their arab friends that are rioting in the street? afraid they may realise that they’re protesting for an evil regime? i hate to say this, but these people are so lost and they hate americans so much, it probably wouldn’t make a difference. i hope this is just more disinformation. my faith in the human race is already just hanging by a thread.

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