pee wee herman won an oscar!
man, he sure has come a long way since he was caught masturbating in that theater. even changed his name to adrien brody to try to rid himself of the stigma.

if you watched it, then you’ve got to read this hilarious blow-by-blow account of the festivites. here’s just a sample:

8:17: The Best Actress category includes two actresses who made themselves unattractive for the roles — Kidman and Hayek — then were praised for their “courage” in making themselves unattractive. Now everyone’s following suit with the Ugly Trend: For instance, Charlize Theron slapped on 25 pounds for some upcoming movie about a female serial killer. This is a really, really, really bad trend. I hate this trend. What happened to last year’s trend, when Halle Berry won an Oscar on the basis of a raw, practically X-rated sex scene? What about that trend? Can that one come back?

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