if the celebrity maggots had any class, they would cancel tonights lovefest. the thought of people like that ridiculous, pompous, fat-ass michael moore getting up and making a political statement against the war while we have saddam-loving foreign tv stations proudly displaying our dead and wounded POWs really sickens me. on one side, i understand this thought…

Gil Cates, the show’s producer, said a friend who’s executive officer aboard a Navy ship told him that it was important to carry on “as normal, as usual, that we should do the show. That it would be kind of a terrible victory for Saddam if we didn’t.”

doesn’t this guy realize that most of these people will get up there and give that ruthless tyrrant and all anti-americans out there unneeded boosts of morale with their self righteous antiwar speeches or gestures? but oh, i forgot, they did sacrifice a lot by cancelling the whole red carpet thing. somehow i doubt that it won’t be anything more than a parade of saddam’s useful idiots, as evidenced by this link. these people are malignant narcissists and they should be ashamed of themselves!

Think of it – these same people agitating against the war, and no doubt salivating at their chance at the Oscar podium to bash Bush, are too afraid to be in a crowd because of the risk of a bio-chem attack which exists because of terrorism supporter/bio-chem producer Saddam Hussein. They condemn the very man working to eliminate that threat and with him the young people who will be dying to remove it and free Iraq’s tortured people.

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