more scary shit about where terrorists are in the development of biological and chemical weapons to use on us:

What is new in the recent documents is al Qaeda recruited competent scientists, including a Pakistani microbiologist whom the officials interviewed this week declined to name. The documents describe specific timelines for producing biochemical weapons and include a bar graph depicting the parallel processes that must take place between Days 1 and 31 of manufacture. Included are inventories of equipment and indications of readiness to grow seed stocks of pathogen in nutrient baths and then dry the resulting liquid slurry into a form suitable for aerosol dispersal….

Analysts suspect an ambition to poison the food supplies of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, which are cooked in large batches and accessible to locally hired civilians….

Some officials said the greatest danger remains that the organization will obtain advanced biological weapons or nerve agents from a state sponsor.

hmmm. wonder who that state sponsor might be. read my lips peaceniks, “i-t-s t-h-e b-i-o w-e-a-p-o-n-s, s-t-u-p-i-d!”

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