whoever thinks al jazeera is not biased and a mouthpiece for the murderous iraqi regime need look no further than their website. you don’t even need to be able to read arabic. the title banner has saddam pictured larger than anyone (pres bush, colin powell are also pictured) and the french idiot chirac is featured along with a protestor’s sign reading “no war for oil”. it may be subtle, but undoubtedly purposely done. not to mention, when i last checked, there were photos of crying and supposedly injured iraqi children, war protestors, iraqi officials briefing the press, and links to anti-american cartoons. now it’s reported they are showing american POWs on the air, in violation of the geneva convention (does this really surprise anyone?). note that cnn has been thrown out of iraq (for ‘biased’ reporting) while al jazeera has offices in dc. i suggest they increase their security.

i’m starting to get a really bad feeling in my gut about this. i knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but it just doesn’t seem to me that we’re viewed as liberators but rather as occupiers. even if much of the public dislikes saddam hussein, they’ll still rally round the flag if they think those are our motives. and there are reports of republican guard troops using women and children as human shields already. how the hell do you deal with that? i just finished reading black hawk down and this is beginning to take on shades of that bloodbath in somalia.

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