this is terrible news:

An American Muslim soldier is understood to have carried out a grenade attack on a US military camp, injuring 16 soldiers.

Three grenades were rolled into three tents housing military leaders of the 101st Airborne Division Saturday night at Camp Pennsylvania, home of the, near the Iraqi border, said Sky correspondent Stuart Ramsay, who is in the base.

The grenade that was rolled into the first tent, where the commanding officer sleeps, did not go off.

But two other grenades used to attack tents where the unit’s majors and captains sleep did explode.

this is a contemptible act. it disgusts me and i’m sorry to say it will cause some serious problems with honorable american muslims. pray for the injured soldiers and may Allah take his wrath out on this traitorous animal.

i’ve been watching sky news and their tv reporting on the incident. they had the correspondent on speaker phone discussing the incident at least three times now and they still haven’t mentioned the fact that the soldier is a muslim. political correctness at its best, i guess.

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