this thought was provoked when some idiot got up and asked general franks in his briefing today about not finding any wmd yet, implying that it didn’t really ever exist and it was an excuse for us to attack. am i totally off base here or is it not plainly obvious why saddam’s wmd has not been thrown at us or found yet? (besides the fact that it’s only been about 72 freakin hours into this liberation, dumbshit)… they were so well hidden that it would take some time to employ them. remember, the weapons inspectors left not that long ago and satellite imagery is constantly surveilling. plus, the ‘shock & awe’ factor hopefully disabled their ability to unearth and use them. moreso, they know the international community will turn against them if they use them. no, if they can, they’ll more likely use them as a last resort and probably by the loyal republican guard. some interesting notes on the subject from an ap report, regarding the tracking down of iraqi scientists:

The Americans “may well get a lot more out of interviews than we did,” said Ewen Buchanan, spokesman for the U.N. inspectors. “If there was something hidden, there was no way that people under the old environment would have told us where to look,” he said.

“I think they’ll find a lot,” said one senior inspector, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “They’ll find archives, they will find scientists who are willing to talk and definitely facilities that have been producing weapons.”

yes, this is the only way. the simple-mided peaceniks are living in la-la land if they think hans blix and his crew would have ever got straight answers or uncovered anything of importance. and sorry, a few al samouds won’t cut it…has anyone ever mentioned to them that al samouds are not wmd anyway. they were simply throwing them a bone to drag this out another 12 years or at least until they equipped some beloved terrorist.

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