i love this story about how those cheese-eating surrender monkeys and russia stand to lose iraqi oil.

“A new Iraqi government should not honor any of these contracts, signed against the interests of the Iraqi people. The new Iraqi government should respect those who stood by us, and not those who stood beside the dictator,” added Salih, who is prime minister in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan government that controls Iraq’s eastern Kurdish area.

maybe the protestors are sort of right about this being about oil: the french and russians losing their fat oil contracts with iraq if the dictator they’re in business with is deposed. that’s what you get for making a deal with the devil, bitches. i also really hope we don’t recruit the untrustworthy turks to help out in northern iraq because that’s really going to alienate the kurds and open up another can of worms. i’ve been hearing rumblings with regard to this and it’s troubling.

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