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Should America, and the rest of the world, listen? What is Europe’s lesson to humanity? What example have they set for the rest of us?

…put away your Lonely Planet guides, and pick up your Euro-Bigotry primer. It’s because of European hatred that the biggest massacres in human history have taken place. And the wonderful thing is, in spite of all the post-war European talk of peace and understanding, all the bigotries still live on, waiting for the day when they can transform Europeans back from harmless disco-dancing buffoons into the murderous village brawlers they once were, and may someday be again.

what european tribes think about one another or 18 ways to hate your neighbour. from an interesting moscow-based alt newspaper. it’s your handy, and hilarious if a lot of it weren’t true, guide for europe. of course, my particular fave is what greeks think, but i was also laughing out loud at the albania and belgium charts.

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