while the hours has been getting a lot of acclaim for its acting and nicole kidman’s nose, i don’t quite know how i feel after seeing it. something about it. depressing? yes, it begins and ends with a suicide and it’s about the evidently unsatisfying life of the mentally ill writer virginia woolf. but there’s something else. i seem to be in the minority when i say that there was some serious overacting going on, but that’s not it either….it’s just too….well….gay. i’m not a homophobe or anything, but does every major motion picture have to have at least one gay character? i know that i may have mentioned this fact in an earlier posting, but this film begs me to bring it up again because each major character in it has a ‘gay’ issue. two(played by meryl streep and ed harris) are outright gay but they had a straight relationship with each other in the past. one woman(julianne moore) plants a lingering kiss on her best girlfriend’s lips and another(nicole kidman as woolf) does the same with her own sister. both of them are married and the sister on sister kiss is right in front of the confused children. one reviewer said it well when he wrote,

“The filmmakers juggle and juxtapose three story lines but fail to come up with one cogent point, unless it’s that life stinks, especially for sensitive married women who really love other women.”

another is more blunt, “The underlying message…is that real poets and artists are kind enough to kill themselves just so we regular schmucks may gain a deeper appreciation for our own pathetic existences.
Two hours of this shit is enough to make you wish the filmmakers would practice what they preach.

of course, the english over here love it as it caters to all their inbred feelings of self-importance and intellectualism. and by the way, someone give john c reilly a different part. he’s played the weak, boring, unaware husband in three films in a row: the good girl (with jennifer anniston), this one, and chicago.

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