The world, not America, has gone off the deep end ā€” just as it did some 70 years ago when faced with similar choices between cheap rhetoric and real sacrifice…

victor davis hanson has done a great job of equating the current crisis with 1930s Western appeasement. it takes more than just holding up a fucking sign, like the blind protestors, comparing our president to hitler. tell me why he’s like hitler. sorry, i don’t understand. isn’t saddam the one who has gassed people and speaks of killing jews? i’m a bit confused here, mr protestor. and why is Germany and France ā€” the historic duet that so often either started or lost wars, now suddenly the harbingers of wisdom? it certainly keeps everyone’s eyes off the growing anti-semitism in their own countries. and we are the axis of evil? aren’t we, america and israel, the shared targets of fundamentalist suicide-murderers? the unmitigated gall of these people! the war started on september 12, 2001 and one of our enemies is armed with germs and poisons, that he’s already used on his own people. i’d love to see this disarming of the iraqi dictator happen without war, but it doesn’t look good. most of the thanks go to the weasels of “old europe” and the peaceniks. they’ve turned saddam into a righteous tyrrant. and he’s dug in.

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