escaping the wellfrom scary to funny back to scary again. go and see the ring. it’s been out in the states but it just came out here in the uk and it is some nightmare-inducing shit. brave aussie girl even closed her eyes through a lot of it. i had seen the japanese original a couple of years ago (also excellent but with a leaner budget) and this hollywood remake does it justice. since she rocked my world in mulholland drive, i couldn’t wait for naomi watts to be in another movie. it never hurts to have a beautiful blond in a film, but this girl can act. no lesbian scenes in this one though as she plays the journalist single mother who is related to a healthy teenage girl that dies mysteriously of a heart attack. the girl is one of several teenagers whose hearts stopped seven days after watching a very creepy, surreal videotape in a remote cabin. the pixelsurgeon review is right on in that the ‘death’ video reminded me of watching one of those eery salvadore dali films at the tate modern. the setting of rainy, gloomy seattle and the score/music is perfect for setting the mood. i won’t give anything away in terms of details, but there’s an amazing scene on a ferry boat where a horse gets freaked and jumps overboard. it looked so real, i couldn’t believe they did it with cg and didn’t use and thus harm a real horse, but it did have the humane society seal of approval. if you want to find out more on the history of the movie and the (insert twilight zone theme here) factual basis behind it, visit the excellent ringworld site. now, if we can only get saddam to watch this video….

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