as if the iraqi wmd situation wasn’t bad enough, north korea’s words and actions are even more scary:

The North has 13,000 artillery pieces and could fire some 400,000 shells in the first hour of an attack, many with sarin and anthrax, on the 21 million people in the “kill box” — as some in the U.S. military describe the Seoul metropolitan area. The Pentagon has calculated that another Korean war could kill a million people.

it’s a total catch-22. if we knock out their nuclear facilities, they could retaliate by attacking south korea. their million man army is very formidable and it would be a bloodbath. on the other hand, if we do nothing, they’ll be able to strike US cities with nukes within a matter of months. the rhetoric and extreme paranoia they’ve been displaying makes that a major possibility. i must say that this concerns me more than iraq. hope iraq doesn’t take our eye off the nkor nuclear ball.

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