satan does saddamthose wild n crazy aussie chicks! (the american girls were much braver by getting naked in the new york snow though. and, they even made their message into a funny pun. it was meant to be a pun, right?) maybe froboy should get all his ladies together to spell out


look, i’m a peace lovin guy and everything, but don’t people watch the south park!?! don’t they know that this saddam hussein guy is a sick, satan-loving (literally) bastard? seriously though, some people won’t realize the danger he poses until innocent people are vomiting their guts out from vx gas. he’s had so much time to disarm, it’s a joke. hitler is looking up from level 9 of hell and laughing his ass off….reminiscing about the good old days when he tossed aside of the treaty of versailles and pretended to be scared of the league of nations. and now we have the discovery of the range-illegal, al samoud 2 missiles. i’ll be very surprised if he even destroys those. we’ll see. on the other hand, maybe he will to get the peaceniks even more peacenikee.

now, i want all those naked ladies to put their clothes back on and read this, straight outta habbaniyah. scary enough to make you lose that nipple erection, huh? in many ways, the great number of peace protestors are attributable to the failings of the bush administration and tony blair in presenting the case against iraq with all the evidence they have. it seems that the print media has done a much better job with the damning details. but i guess not enough people read these things….throngs of people in the streets and barenaked ladies are much more interesting than a boring old iraqi officer who was witness to the weapons and a yugoslav businessman. (on an ugly side note, a group of australian men did the naked peace thing this week. i won’t even link to that shit.)

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