jumping the shark“….that was an expression used in two articles i read recently on the tv shows, the simpsons and 24. i’ve never heard it before but it evidently refers to when a tv show is on its way downhill. it was named after a happy days episode that signaled the beginning of the end for that long-running series. i never saw it, having stopped watching that show long before, but it was the one where fonzie ‘jumped over a shark’ (huh? how did they figure that into the plot?).

the article on 24 is quite funny and not without some valid points, but i still enjoy the show. you have to give the producers credit for having the cojones to kill off the wife at the end of the first season. they did have an alternate ending where she survived and they lived happily ever after.

as for the other article using that expression, all i can say is that the writer is on crack. while the simpsons may not be as consistently excellent as it used to be, it’s nowhere near ‘jumping the shark’ status.

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