the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

it was appropriate that i saw so many iraqi flags being flown during the huge “peace” protests in london this past saturday. after all, subjectively the march was for peace; objectively it helped Saddam Hussein. He knows that; the march was shown for seven hours on Iraqi television. i just watched it on tv, but i could feel the anti-americanism coming through the tube. i thought it was quite funny that a fellow american, that self-promoting clown, jesse jackson, took part and was even invited to speak. that almost de-legitimizes the whole thing, doesn’t it? if these people were flying the iraqi flag because they don’t want innocent iraqis killed in a war, then where were they when saddam was killing hundreds of thousands of innocents. to paraphrase the brave prime minister, tony blair, Indeed, the million people on the London march were a shocking image of the million who have died because of him.

There was, I thought, one slogan which was missing. There were quite a number which called for “Freedom for Palestine”; I looked in vain for one which called for “Freedom for Iraq”…From what I did hear, none of the speakers expressed any wish to free Iraq, let alone proposing any policy which might help to achieve that…

The demonstrators were not people who had opposed Saddam’s refusal to disarm under the terms of the UN ceasefire in 1991. They were not people who had marched against Iraq’s treatment of the missing hostages seized in Kuwait, or of the Iranian prisoners of war, or of Iraqi dissidents, or of the Kurds and Marsh Arabs. All of these things had passed them by.

i’m not saying that these were not mostly good people, but in effect, this great demonstration, and others like it around the world, actually will serve to oppose the liberation of iraqis and to promote saddam hussein’s tyrannous rule. and it will actually serve as fuel to make a war more likely because it encourages saddam hussein not to disarm. if he remains in power (highly unlikely), these people will have been hussein’s useful idiots.

[note: there’s a great opinion piece in the times that i’ve quoted from here and link to in the blog heading.]

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