commitment to excellencethe greatness of the Raidess is their future

“I’m saying Tampa Bay is the NFL Super Bowl champion, and deserving champions. Champions come and go. It’s the great dynasties, the larger than life characters like Al Davis that impact generations of lives and teams and Super Bowls plural squared, they are the constants, the forever, what the champions must play off in order to be champions. Even losing they are essential because they are always there, the eternal verities, like villany, or heroism. If you’re around, and even some years when you’re not, Al Davis is going to have an effect on your life. Barret Robbins is about to find that out. Al will read that situation, then act. I’ve seen him save guys headed for the abyss, if they were Cliff Branch and could help the Raiders. I’ve seen him cut guys loose. I’ve seen him be nice to children. Al’s a great football man, a good ally, and a bad adversary. I don’t really recommend the latter. All I can say is, bring a lunch if you’re the latter….”

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