c woodson goes retrowhile players were wearing the retro, mesh ballcaps (i had at least two) at media day, ralph wiley (who i read regularly when i subscribed to the oakland tribune as a youngster) reminisces about the champion raiders of the 80s….

I know this Raider team’s secret is the same as that old Raider team’s secret. It’s got nothing to do with personality. It’s got to do with knocking somebody down. The large, open secret back then was Shell, Uppy, Dalby, Otto, Vella, Lawrence, Buehler, Marvin …

The same Big, Huge, Obvious Secret now is roughly 90 pounds larger and two inches taller per man. Kennedy, Collins, Robbins, Middleton and Sims.

Raiders of the Lost Art? Lost Art Shell, you mean.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that the Raiders can be out-personalitied now, by Warren Sapp or Keyshawn Johnson.

It’s really déjà vu all over, up and down the defensive front.

It’s going to be tough for Sapp to talk with a mouthful of black jersey and history. Good stories, all over.

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