the raiders are back where they belong, in the super bowl, baby! i’m still in germany and the most important logistical arrangement of this trip to bavaria was to make sure i could get a room at the american forces hotel in garmisch so that i could watch the raiders in the afc championship game on afn. maybe brother peter was right about the omens thing. this will be super bowl XXXVII and the great raider cornerback, lester hayes, wore number 37. pete’s first meeting with a real live raider player was when lester visited a sporting goods (johnny mac’s?) store in st louis. pete was a wee lad of about six. some years later, i bought him an authentic, lester hayes raider jersey. and when i was given my hotel room in garmisch….it was number 137. coincidence? or fate?

i had to stay up until 5 am to watch the raiders punish tennessee, but it was so worth it! ralph wiley even called it. i can’t wait to see the silver and black kick some traitor gruden and me-shawn ass next weekend. the one thing that worries me is that c woodson just doesn’t look right, playing with that steel rod in his still-broken leg. hopefully, that shouldn’t hurt too much since tampa bay’s offense is still fairly pathetic.

just (one more) win, baby.

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