little red riding hood housei’m in beautiful bavaria this weekend. i attended a conference in oberammergau during the past week and now aussie girl and i are in the popular resort town of garmisch. by the way, that’s seven countries i’ve visited with this girl in just under a year. this could get serious unless i act now;) anyway, tomorrow we go for a day of skiing on the highest peak in all of germany, the zugspitze. she says that she’s taught the sport before, so she’s going to be my ski instructor. we might never get to country number eight after i show her up on the slope and all the ski bunnies are all over me like white on rice.

oberammergau was beautiful in its own right. a classic bavarian town of painted houses (the one pictured above depicts the tale of little red riding hood), snow-covered mountains, an ornate, baroque church, and wooden crucifixes everywhere. it hosts an elaborate passion play (about the last days of Jesus Christ) every ten years. Christians come from all over europe to see it. and if you like the woodworking, you’ll be in heaven here. there are carved wood figurines of everything imaginable for sale and a shop every few yards. i really appreciate the craftsmanship, but not into having that stuff (nik-naks) in my crib. coming up next: a visit to a famous castle.

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