raiders rule!yes, it’s spelled r-o-u-t. in numbers it reads 30-10. i guess the jets just “ran out of time” again in this game. or maybe there were more cheap shots by the raider o linemen. don’t you love it how the media gets all hot and bothered each time a ny football team gets a little hot? practically everyone was picking them, ignoring the fact that the raiders win almost all the match-ups, have home field, and actually were the hotter team (won 7 of last 8) going in. even the ‘great’ quarterbacks on cbs (marino and esiason) picked them. my theory is that they lost to the raiders so much throughout their careers, picking against them is their only way for revenge. too bad they went straight to 60 minutes after the game. i was looking forward to seeing them eat their words. i love all the media adoration because it made their downfall that much sweeter to watch. that nyj team can’t compete with a bigger, stronger, more physical team like the silver and black. i wonder what their excuse for being dominated by the raiders will be this time? let’s see if they take the high road and admit to the beating.

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