i’m back in the uk now, but forgot to mention that i also visited the very controversial body worlds exhibit on brick lane in london before i left for the states. it’s a display of real human bodies that have undergone ‘plastination’, a slow process of rubberizing the body and its contents with the use of special polymers. the bodies are sliced and posed in various positions, some in a theatrical manner which caused most of the stir. there’s a bicyclist peddling, a basketball player dribbling, a soccer goalie diving for a save, etc…even a polo player, with horse included. i found it a bit unsettling but at the same time very fascinating. to imagine that those were all living, breathing people not too long ago. and to be able to see the various organs and muscles, and how they’re interconnected in three dimensions, rather than on a two dimensional textbook page. the mastermind, or some say dr frankenstein, behind all this is a 58 year old, east german anatomist named professor gunther von hagens. he recently also performed tv’s first ever live autopsy, all the while wearing his trademark black, homburg hat. cool, yet creepy. he’s already working on additions to the exhibit for Christmas 2003, where he’ll have rudolph (a reindeer) splayed and displayed, just in time for the exhibit’s tour in america.

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