well, i hadn’t watched much football this fall but let me blog how fun this week has been … the NY football Giants play crummy and still beat the ‘mighty’ iggles to make the playoffs; the silver&black demand home-field advantage and claim it; browns come back strong and become an everyone’s fave underdog in the show; J-E-T-S destroy the pack to win the east and in the process, overrated miami and new england are OUSTED BABY (good hustle guys-you played for nothing); and in the ncaas, law-and-order have finally been restored as cryami gets 187’ed by ohio state. hey ken dorsey, you still suck. k winslow has mad skills but ran his mouth a bit too much and too early. lastly, where the hell were those damn miami playahs’ “dynasty” hand gestures in the OT, huh?!? no-name chump hurricanes were stomped – JUSTICE!!!

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