i’m still in st louis, just visited the symbolic gateway to the west, and considering that my least favorite holiday* is just around the corner, i’m feeling pretty good. we had a beautiful, white Christmas and i saw lots of friends and loved ones. only downside is that i had a recurrence of my old sinusitus problem, so i’m on prednisone and antibiotics. that means no alcoholic beverages for me for a while. i’m going to have to get my high off the pure adoration of my fans. getting ready to go out for a nice, quiet dinner with my parents and aussie girl, then a nice, loud midnight celebration with my sister’s family of four boys.

and a happy nameday to all the big, fat greeks out there named vasiliki(my Godchild in velo, greece) and vasili(alexandros’ new son in athens).

*least favorite because of the whole passage of time thing, combined with my always pessimistic view of the future. plus, mix in some bad dates from the past.

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