two movies that i saw on dvd recently can almost be considered pornography, at least soft core. they show how it can be done well or done poorly. center of the world is the good example, about a rich computer genius that falls in love with a stripper and pays her to accompany him to las vegas for a few days. directed by wayne wang (smoke, blue in the face), it includes the lollipop trick all us guys have come to know and love in strip clubs (actually can’t believe they got away with that one, though the movie had an nr rating). not that i’ve been in any….i’ve just heard, that’s all…..anyway, good movie and they’ve built an excellent web site around the movie’s theme where you can chat with a stripper. on the other end of the spectrum, we have showgirls. owner of perhaps the lowest reviewer rating ever (5% approval) on the rotten tomatoes site. it was so bad, it was (unintentionally) funny. i had heard about it, i just had to see it for myself. scary thing is, it had some previously successful people associated with it. generally, i felt bitter that i lost two hours of my life that i was never gonna get back. though it did include the all time classic line, after the former stripper had turned ‘respectable’ vegas showgirl and was confronted by her old strip club boss, “must be weird not having anybody cum on you?”.

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