i like what tuesday morning quarterback writes about the stupid ‘tradition’ of giving detroit, and especially dallas, a home game every thanksgiving (don’t hate me, jb). they both suck and have sucked for a while. the lions started playing the turkey day game sometime in the 30s. the dallas thing started in the mid 60s behind their bullshit self-proclamation of being ‘america’s team’. both teams play on artificial turf. one is even indoors. what about seeing some ‘traditional’ football with dirt, grass, and weather? if the nfl were smart, they’d give us competitive, well-played games with good teams on that holiday, when so many people are full of turkey and doing the couch potato thing in front of their set. it just makes sense for their marketing and sponsors, too. but then again, these are the same people who gave us the tuck rule. this brings up a question: why did they reverse the fumble call in the raider PLAYOFF game last year and they didn’t see any indisputable visual evidence to overturn the call in the game-ending kurt warner fumble vs the redskins last week? they were eerily similar. actually, brady even had both hands on the ball in the raiders’ robbing. hmmmmm.

tmq also makes an interesting point about overtime in the nfl (but i admit i’m bitter because the raiders lost two coin flips this year….and could easily be 9-2). on the subject of overtime and detroit, somebody tell me why mornhinweg won the toss and gave the ball away last week? you can read more about the lions’ coaching blunders in the tmq. matt millen must be getting an ulcer. and remember, we get the pleasure of watching these guys on national tv tomorrow (i do so wish they beat the hell out of the patsies though).

but the highlight of this week’s edition of tmq is (scroll down on the page) catherine bell and her comments on stiletto heals that invoke rich, mental images of the jag starlet. do they always have to put her in a uniform in that show? i’m hoping for a ‘jag goes to baywatch’ tv special. c’mon, that could happen. heck, they just had a facts of life reunion show on the other day.

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