oriana fallaci is a remarkable, courageous woman who speaks her mind…loudly. she’s an italian writer who’s been living in manhattan and had been in seclusion for the past ten years until the events of 11 september. it’s hard to believe that her books sell so well in italy and, especially, france, given some of their views on the issues she speaks to. she undoubtedly is on a lot of terrorist hit lists for her outspoken views. i’ve extracted just a little of her writing here, but read also her views on anti-semitism, patriotism, and arafat(“i find it shameful“…):

on breaking her silence….And I’m going to. Because I’ve heard that in Italy too there are some who rejoice just as the Palestinians of Gaza did the other night on TV. “Victory! Victory!” Men, women, children. Assuming you can call those who do such a thing man, woman, child. I’ve heard that some of the insects of means, politicians or so-called politicians, intellectuals or so-called intellectuals, not to mention others not worthy of the title of citizen, are behaving pretty much the same way. They say: “Good. It serves America right.” And I am very very, very angry.

on terrorists….I just consider them vain. Vain people who instead of seeking glory in cinema or politics or sports seek it in the death of themselves and others. A death that, in place of an Oscar or a ministerial seat or a medal, will get them (they think) admiration. And, in the case of those who pray to Allah, a place in the paradise that the Koran speaks of: the paradise where heroes get to fuck houris.

on arafat and martyrdom….Illustrious Mr. Arafat, the martyrs are the passengers of the four airplanes that were hijacked and transformed into human bombs. Among them is a four year old little girl who disintegrated in the second tower. Illustrious Mr. Arafat, the martyrs are the employees who worked in the two towers and at the Pentagon. Illustrious Mr. Arafat, the martyrs are the firemen who died trying to save them. And do you know who the heroes are? The passengers of the flight that was supposed to throw itself into the White House but instead crashed into the woods in Pennsylvania because they fought back! There ought to be a paradise for them, illustrious Mr. Arafat.

buy her incredible book, the rage and the pride.

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