mom n dad are here!mom and dad finally visited me after 3 years here in the uk. its en route to greece, but i’ll take it. they stopped on their way to hellas on september 25th for a few days and now they’re here before they return to st louis on the 24th of october. they arrived on friday evening and we spent that night and saturday in london. we stayed at the dolphin square hotel near victoria station. not too bad for 78 pounds a night (thru, especially considering the rooms were suites. we did a bus tour around london, walked around picadilly circus a bit, visited the (stolen) elgin marbles (bastards!) at the british museum, and had a couple of nice dinners, before catching the train back up to cambridge on saturday night. wish they could stay longer. miss them very much. just don’t come with 200 pounds of luggage next time, please.

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