pretty good article on one of my favorite shows growing up, the white shadow. plenty of fros in there, too. hate to link to this writer because he’s a total patsy shill. even going so far as to attempt to revise history regarding the snow job that robbed the raiders of a chance at the super bowl and propelled his home team there. (note: another great thing about the raiders. they easily lead the league in games that receive nickname status….the immaculate reception, the heidi game, the holy roller, the sea of hands catch, the ghost to the post….to name but a few). anyway, now he’s saying that c woodson should have been called for roughing the passer(he claims he hit brady in the head) when he forced the fumble that should have ended the game. and he calls himself ‘the sports guy’? noticed that he’s picking against the raiders again this weekend. prick!

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