well, i’ve finally seen enough star trek original series dvds to blog about some observations – episode constants, if you will: 1. there are countless ‘superior beings’ who can do everything but leave their planet, always needing to carjack the enterprise … 2. somehow the enterprise always falls for a distress signal put out by these stranded aliens – and how logical is spock if he can’t pick up on the trend?! … 3. most of these advanced beings rely upon some hi-tech central computer to wreak havoc, and our heroes escape by forcing the machine into an infite loop and explode with some trick question of logic … 4. every time an alien tries to take human form, they always make themselves too ‘perfect’ – mccoy always notices these readings on his tricorder but never really does anything about it until it’s too late … 5. kirk must do one of the following every episode: make out with an alien chick or hottie crew member, have his shirt torn up or removed, have his phaser or communicator go haywire, break out into pools of sweat, or demand more power/impossible repairs from scotty. despite mostly predictable plots and bad acting i gotsta give props to g. roddenberry for breaking the sci-fi mold with a multi-racial cast, forward-leaning ideas of what the future could be like, and original concepts about space travel and exploration. i’m no trekkie but the third and final season really did suck, losing creative momentum and revealing actors tired of their roles. i’ve never been down with piccard & co – for me, ST has to be old-school with pointy sideburns, an increasingly bloated captain, and female crew &/or aliens in go-go boots with short skirts 😉 corny as it was, you know you love it!

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