Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

-Benjamin Franklin

i’m in the rhineland region of germany right now and someone mentioned that this country has the best beer, calling it, “the land of beer”. sorry, but both british and belgian beers are better. and beer’s history goes way back to the ancient babylonians. german beers are just too highly carbonated. drinking one beer is like sucking in a softball full of co2. it’s amazing that some beer companies actually pump in additional co2, besides that which is naturally produced from the fermentation process. (this country’s love of carbonation is so strangely ubiquitous that it’s sometimes hard to find still, natural water sold). the belgians have some truly great beers and a wide variety but i like british cask ales best because…

A properly produced cask ale can help to illustrate the impact of carbonation on beer flavor. Look for a brewpub or beer bar that offers the same beer in cask and draft forms. Order a pint of each and compare them side by side. With the carbonic bite stripped away, cask ale usually displays a very different balance of hop and malt flavors. The resulting beer is quite different from the traditionally carbonated pint—and that’s a key reason for the rising popularity of cask ale.

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