man, i just cannot get the opportunity to enjoy a sunny beach. first, it was florida early this summer. now, i go down to southern virginia for a week, hoping to finish off with a weekend (labor day) at the outer banks of north carolina, only to have the forecast call for clouds and rain all weekend. i ended up scrapping it and came up to northern virginia to hang out with my mates until i leave (early) to go back to the uk (sunday). spent way too much money shopping, ate well, and saw a good flick, signs….the whole alien invasion thing gives me the creeps. it was done so well through the first 3/4 of the movie, that the resolution was a bit of a disappointment. the two kids, one being the younger culkin kid, stole the show as is usually the case (except for star wars flicks). probably the funnest thing on this trip though, was mike’s 40th birthday (surprise) party. i’ve never seen the loquacious, southern gentleman so speechless. it’s pretty obvious from this picture why i enjoyed it so much, although the girl on the left is the birthday boy’s.

you can find a dozen more photos from mike’s party here. since i was behind him when everyone pounced, i couldn’t get the big, “surprise” shot. hopefully someone else got it and can e-mail it to me?

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