monster’s ball. halle berry was good but not really oscar-winning good, i don’t think. she does fake an orgasm really well though. and damn, she’s beautiful. to give her credit, the quiet, final scene in the movie was its best and berry expressed her character’s feelings perfectly without saying a word. just an excellent scene. the movie’s score was great in reflecting the general emotion of the film. pretty good special feature on the score if you get the dvd version. and if you do get the dvd, make sure to check out billy bob thornton doing karl from sling blade in the ‘behind the scenes’ special feature. funny. in the rapper-turned-actor category, mos def blew away sean combs, even though his scenes were much shorter. def has a possible future in acting while combs should stick with his bubble gum/sample rap. very good flick in all, but if you’re looking for light, cheery entertainment, don’t go here. for most guys though, just getting to watch halle for two hours is worth the $5 rental fee.

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