you can tell a david mamet film within the first few lines of dialogue. i didn’t know how to describe it, but then i came across this word from a movie reviewer that fits: staccato. in every mamet film, the actors deliver their lines in a sort of deadpan, rythmic way. heist was no different. mamet stuck his wife, rebecca pidgeon (lookin real nice as a blonde), in another role and she must be practicing the staccato thing in the evenings with the hubby cuz she had it down. mamet favorite and playing card magician ricky jay was in it as well, and excellent as usual. he got two of the best lines in the movie. one obscenity-laced tirade about why he hates the swiss and another describing gene hackman’s character: “he’s so cool, when he sleeps at night, the sheeps count him“. you gotta use your imagination to accept devito as the criminal ringleader, though, and someone tell sam rockwell (as devito’s inept nephew) that the cheesy ‘stache worked in ‘galaxy quest’, but lose it for the serious roles. what’s the movie about? it’s about a professional thief doing “one last score”. original story, huh? it works fairly well in this case and there are some unexpected plot twists and double-crosses, but the tone and pace, the dryness and joylessness of the film will not appeal to everyone.

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