see the bubbles?just returned from a very nice weekend in the beautiful georgian city of bath, england. visiting a place like that makes one appreciate the history of this country. there were 400 years of roman rule here (since 43ad), wherein they built these elaborate baths in the span of only 30-40 years. while there are other roman baths in england, this is unique in that the water gushes from naturally hot, mineral springs 2-3 miles below the surface. the water temperature is 117 degrees fahrenheit, contains 43 minerals, and because of its mysterious heated quality, it was thought to have healing powers. after the fall of the roman empire, the baths returned to nature and were eventually built over until they were discovered in the 1860s by the victorians. they excavated and even embellished them with victorian and palladian architecture. they were even unisex for a while…those randy romans. i also learned that turkish baths are not turkish at all. they were simply an idea left over from the romans.

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