dh sent me this funny, yet disturbing, link to an article about that whacky, french, conspiracy theorist i blogged about a while back. disturbing because it reminds me of the festering anti-americanism out there. what else but hate would fuel someone to conjure up such crazy ideas about us….and….it sells big time in france! a coup in america. now that’s comedy. while i was on the washington times site, i decided to check out the front page to read about our bombing of the afghan wedding party yesterday. it’s all over the news here and they’re not exactly giving us the benefit of the doubt (sky news and bbc radio). those bastards. yeah, we killed innocent people celebrating a wedding on purpose. anyway, i had to scroll near the bottom of the page where the story was among numerous other “world” news items. i don’t know about that. it bothers me a little. how could it be such a big story over here and not be in the us? i remember a greek friend of mine, sophia, telling me how the news wrt our foreign affairs isn’t reported without bias, buried, or not reported at all, in the states. this is the first case where i kind of see what she means.

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