cyprus flagit is one nation, invisible…as it damn well should be. the trnc (turkish republic of northern cyprus, as they call it, an illegal entity) is simply another result of turkish force and expansionist policies. when they invaded in 1974, under the guise of protecting the very small turkish cypriot monority and using the greek junta coup as an excuse, they held only 3% of land. then, after order had been restored and talks were being held (and an agreement seemed to be close), they mounted a second offensive in which they captured 36% of the island. that piece is still held today in what is probably, outside of korea, the most miltarized region in the world. the un will never recognize that backward half of the island. let them watch as the republic of cyprus joins the european union and continues to prosper. if their past is anything to go by, i’m sorry to say that the turks’ intransigence and destruction of greek heritage will continue. but who knows, they could surprise everyone, leave, and greek and turkish cypriots would live side by side in peace as they had for years before. and then the israelis and palestinians, iraqis and kurds, albanians and serbs would follow. dreams.

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