please don’t mock me….i just saw the ultimate teen fluff movie, josie and the pussycats. tara reid, rachel leigh cook, and parker posey on the dvd sleeve made me do it. and i admit that i watched the cartoon as a kid (those toon girls were hot!). it was actually alright. the whole subliminal messaging in music (by mr moviephone) aimed at mindless teens storyline was pretty funny. the record company bad guy, alan cumming, was cool and funny. he was also seen playing basically the same character in ‘spy kids’. is it just me, or could this guy be pee wee herman’s british brother? they should just give every part that requires a british-accented villain to this dude. and i don’t know if it was part of the joke of the movie (probably), but the product placement/marketing was totally in your face. the best part of the flick though was the first ten minutes with dujour (listen for their smash hit, ‘back door lover’), a totally hilarious spoof on the ridiculous boy band phenomenon that just won’t go away, regretably. they couldn’t even kill them off in the movie. lastly, what’s the deal with the guy they casted to play josie’s supposedly ‘hunky’ love interest? he had little girly arms and looked like beck.

funny….for some reason i have an intense craving for a coke and krispy kremes.

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