with wimbledon in the sports news over here, especially with the brit (you can tell by his teeth) tim henman having his best chance to finally win it since most of the good players have been upset, i thought i’d post this article on one of the best ever, john mcenroe. he has an autobiography out, but the article is more of an interview than a review. interesting are his thoughts on bjorn borg, reagan, arthur ashe, and x-wife tatum o’neal among other things. and remember the 80’s group, scandal? they were a one-hit wonder with ‘goodbye to you’, thanks to the cute lead singer and heavy rotation on mtv. did you know that mac is married to her and they have three kids (he has six total)? true. lucky bastard. tennis is (more) boring without him. it’s sad when the most exciting thing in this year’s wimbledon is mcenroe’s commentary. even sadder when anna k gets knocked out so early.

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