going back to vicenza for a second, i have to post a photo of the beautiful teatro olympico. it was palladio’s last masterpiece (though he died just before construction began) and the first indoor theatre built in europe after the fall of the roman empire. the picture doesn’t do it justice. it was just amazing with its corinthian (greek) columns and 3d street scenes that are said to represent the city of thebes in the great greek philosopher sophocles’ oedipus rex. did i say it was based on a model of greek theatres? and that they tend to stage greek tragedies there? while i loved italy, i must still say that the espresso there is good but overrated (i stand by my previous blog on the subject) and they make cappuccinos as if for little girls (too milky and shit). and while this applies to greece as well, i’m sure, they are such fashion victims….the two things that i saw everywhere (and i mean everywhere…what happened to individuality?) were clear plastic bra straps on the girls and pumas on anything with two legs. wonder if jp has got himself a pair yet? the pumas i mean.

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