well, here’s my starwars EP2 blog: at the risk of destroying my recent cinematic credibility just sited by x and liam a few blogs ago, let me give the flick two thumbs up … or at least say it blew away the first prequel. pace was much better, it had a darker feel much like the empire strikes back (despite anakin’s spreading the love around), and worked along several blanks needing to be filled in to set up EP3 and it’s connection to the rest of the chain. props for hiring career badguy christopher plummer. although it was nice to see n. portman finally get into something form-fitting in order to wreak havoc at the end, i got a good laugh at when her top was suddenly torn (in battle) to a midriff piece … it immediately brought to mind requisite torn-shirt segments from roughly every third star trek show when kirk got beat down before kicking ass himself. as for yoda freaking with the light sabre … hilarious – he looked like a frog-in-a-blender or something. oh yeah – those sonic bombs or whatever fett lobbed at obi wan in that planetary ring scene … way cool sound/visual effects.

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