can there be too much fighting in a film? don’t get me wrong…i love the swordplay, spin-kicks, and bloodflow as much as the next guy, but i think blade 2 went a little overboard with it. i did still enjoy it though. it had a comic-book-style story in a good b-movie kinda way with some pretty wicked special fx, especially the deadly vampire mutants’ splitting mouths. the king vampire and the mutants were total rip-offs of nosferatu (klaus kinski’s nightmarish version) and the sucking, layered mouths paid tribute to the great alien movies. snipes was his usual, cool self, but kris kristofferson looked like howard hughes in the final years and he had every bad line in this movie. and i thought it was on its way to a total cornball ending where the hot girl is saved with some sort of blood transfusion, but they stuck to their guns and stayed with the death scene.

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