kudos to jp for lending me the great documentary, one day in september, about the murder of eleven israeli athletes at the 1972 munich olympics by palestinian terrorists. i recommend this to everyone, though there is graphic footage of the tragic ending to the hostage crisis. i was very young when this happened and vaguely remember it being in the news, but i found myself shaking my head as i watched the dvd. several items about the event, exposed in this documentary, disturbed me. first, what happened to the supposed german efficiency? they were bumbling fools throughout this crisis, all while the world watched. they had amateurs involved in the rescue, bad planning, no coordination, etc. second, the germans should be further ashamed in their handing over of the three terrorists that they did capture in the total set-up of an airplane hijacking coordinated with the palestinians some months later. third, the mob scene in libya when the caskets of the dead terrorists arrived there. it reminded me of the street dancing scenes after 9-11. and last, the fact that after the crisis ended terribly, the olympic committee’s decision to let the games go on without even a day of mourning. not to mention the fact that they went on during most of the hostage crisis, which was happening right there in the olympic village, even after two israeli athletes had already been murdered. it’s interesting that in the years that followed, israeli agents tracked down and eliminated two of the three surviving terrorists, plus several involved in the planning. the only one remaining (he appeared in disguise in ODIS), is in hiding somewhere in africa.

interesting, related note on the intifada. i read today where a poll showed that over 50% of palestinians said that the intifada means the elimination of israel. that is supposedly about 8 percentage points higher than it’s been in the past. like forty-something is low? that hardens my belief that most arabs just do not really want this coexistence with israel at all. i don’t know what can change that. even if they are given their own territory, the hatred and the killing will continue, i’m afraid to say.

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