i’m back from the states and i don’t know how my hours got so messed up, but i’ve been sleeping from 6pm to 3am the last threee nights. anyway, the trip was fine. good conference and it was great to see the stus again. we met at the friday herndon concert. i later met mo and his beautiful daughter, olivia, for lunch at baja fresh. to steal gooter’s words….”gooood”. i went there twice, it was so good. the only other place that deserved a repeat visit was starbucks. overall, i saw the sun, ate well (glorious beef!), bought stuff (cd’s, clothes),went to a “jazz” club (more on that later), and toured c around dc and virginia. visiting arlington cemetary on memorial day weekend was nice. the harley convention in town added an interesting twist. and, oh yeah, there were friggin’ swans in the hotel lobby. isn’t there something wrong with that? and lastly, i was disappointed not to have seen hugosthere while in our great capital. i was cryin about the famous hfs-tival happening the last weekend i was there and not having anyone to go with (maybe a good thing in hindsight, after hearing about the problems and the fact that the little hoosier eminem played) ….forgot all about the man that turned me on to the fairfax fair and the great nerd band, they might be giants (second only to weezer in that genre). those were the days.

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