a bunch of authors from all over the world were queried for their best books of all time and came up with this top 100 list. and the winner was….don quixote. i’ve never read it, but it looks intimidating (i.e. long). i can’t believe that f scott fitzgerald’s the great gatsby didn’t make it, especially considering it was voted number two (behind james joyce’s ulysses) on a recent top 100 poll of 20th century novels. don’t think that one was international and was sponsored by the random house modern library editorial board. still though, makes me wonder if there was some anti-americanism going on there. at least mark twain made it on the list. it was nice to see kazantzakis’ zorba the greek make it, but nothing from heller or vonnegut. and so many i’ve never heard of. most glaring omission….it’s only the greatest book ever written: The Bible.

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