i have a bunch of rented dvd’s stacking up here that i have to get thru before leaving for the states on wednesday. first on the schedule was slc punk. slc as in salt lake city. i love it when i come across these little known gems. this movie’s about a group of punks living in slc in the reagan-era mid-eighties…how they live, how they think, and how they grow up. who knew that there were punks, and even mods, in this conservative, mormon city. evidently there were, as the director grew up there and the story is loosely based on his experiences. it centers around and is narrated by one punk in particular, stevo, played by matthew lillard. granted, lillard can be annoying at times, but here his performance is fairly understated and sympathetic. his best friend ‘heroin bob’ and mike the nerd are among some of the other entertaining characters in the film. note here that bob’s nickname is a joke as he’s never taken the stuff and has a fear of needles. great scenes where chaos theory is attempted to be explained, moshing, dissin’ the brits, and going across the border to wyoming to purchase real (6% v 3% alcohol content) beer. it reminded me a little of when my friends and i would drive across the mississippi river to illinois to buy beer before we were 21, since their drinking age was 18. the movie is also pretty harsh on the city of slc. there are several scenes where the characters basically describe it as a ‘nowhere’, but it stops short of being critical of mormon culture and there’s a pretty scene starring the great salt lake (also a hilarious one as a euro-trash friend of bob and stevo’s steals a car and tries to sink it in the lake, only to find that it floats). fun movie, and to paraphrase stevo’s dad, ‘don’t sell out…buy in’.

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