hmmmm…let’s seee….who should i support in this middle east crisis? the ones that strap bombs to their bodies and kill innocent civilians in shops, restaurants, buses, etc? the ones that celebrated in the streets upon hearing of the murder of thousands in nyc? the ones who say in public that they could coexist with israel, but teach their children otherwise? the same ones who don’t display israel on any of their maps? the ones who translated mein kampf into arabic, where it reached #6 on the bestseller list? OR….the ones who hold a whopping 1% of middle east land and yet are challenged for even part of that? the ones who actually elect arabs to their parliament and give arab citizens more rights than their arab-nation brothers? the ones that offered 95% of the land demanded in 2000, but were rejected because of a ridiculous counter-demand? the ones that have built a democratic nation with a thriving economy or a culture that has yet to produce one prosperous, functional and democratic society? tough choice, but i think i gotta go with jamie g on this one. i’m not quite ready to shed all my personal dignity or integrity yet.

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