bad server pimp! this site has been down for most of the week because of bumbling idiots at my la-based server. media temple, which was highly recommended by the great k10k people, have been letting me down since i’ve been there in august 2000. this time takes the cake. i got an e-mail from them on wednesday telling me that my account was overdue for this month’s $19 hosting fee. i thought that isn’t possible since i’m having my amex card debited each month with the fee. but then i thought this may be because my amex was recently renewed and has a new expiry date. so i replied that same day with the new expiry date to update my account. at about this time, i started noticing that i couldn’t access my site, either thru the www or as an administrator, and wasn’t getting any e-mail. after writing out a trouble ticket and getting no reply (i waited 24 hours), i made the long-distance call and finally got thru to someone who told me that, yes, my account was now up to date, BUT that the site had been removed/deleted. i was pissed. he even implied that i would have to upload all my content from scratch. bastards! why should i have to go to all that trouble because of their mistake? i asked them if they kept backups and after holding awhile, they said they would try to restore the site. i went back and checked their account billing rules and it stated that they “will notify a customer using the email address on file 5 times (after each collection attempt) over a 20 day period in the event of a declined credit card”. what up with that? and all i had was a card that needed a small detail updated, which i did after 1 e-mail and within 24 hours. and yet my site was totally waxed. un-fucking-believable! now, after waiting another full day for them to restore my files, it isn’t actually fully restored….many images are missing and i lost a lot of recent user comments (which can never be restored by me since my last backup was over a month ago). kinda makes me wonder why i promote them by having their logo on my site. and the icing is that they gave me no apology. nothing. i guess since i don’t have a high traffic site, i’m not worthy. bastards! learn some customer service!

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